Book One-On-One Coaching With Stephen

When you schedule a Coaching Session with me, we'll hop on a private Zoom meeting and work together to find the solutions you need. You will receive a follow-up email summarizing your personalized recommendations.

Let's take your health & fitness to the next level!

Here are some of the common topics I can help you tackle.


Custom fitness plans for muscle gain, fat loss, mobility, & metabolic health. Advanced protocols, modalities, and recommended equipment.


How to build meals, source quality food, and personalize nutrition based on genetics, blood markers, and fitness goals.


Supplementation guidance for nutrition, exercise, longevity, anti-aging, brain, sleep, stress, and immunity.


How to link your health and fitness to your deepest values in life to stay motivated and consistent. Structuring your daily routines to form habits.


How to safely source and use peptides to optimize your physiology for recovery, performance, and anti-aging.


Optimal Sleep practices. How to track sleep, address issues, and optimize Deep and REM cycles.  


Guidance on using specific biohacking tools to optimize your physiology and address issues.


Exit the Sick-Care system and find a Functional or Integrative physician for your needs. Complete recovery strategy after major injury. 


Help with eliminating endocrine disrupting chemicals in your home and personal care products.

Testimonials from Clients

Stephen’s consultations empowered me to take control of my health.  His knowledge is always cutting edge but practical at the same time.  His ability to teach the principles of health and make effective recommendations make him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn and change.

Raj Bhavsar

Just wanted to say thank you! You're the reason I got into biohacking and fast between 16-17hrs a day. Along with my red light panel, NuCalm, and binaural beats. Essentially, I don't get sick anymore. Physically, my training has changed so much. It's because of you I started down this path of learning to heal myself. So thank you!

Rocco Lapenna

I’m a professional athlete in two sports and worked with Stephen after my third achilles injury. He helped me get back to full competitive shape within 5 months!!! Besides physical recovery he is highly knowledgeable in performance supplementation and medicinal use of peptides. Thank you Stephen!

Arina Gerasimova

Flexible Coaching Options

30-Minute Session

Zoom video consultation


  • 30-Minute Personalized Coaching Call
  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Follow-up email summarizing recommendations

60-Minute Session

Zoom video consultation


  • 60-Minute Personalized Coaching Call
  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Follow-up email summarizing recommendations