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Advanced Health Panel by Thorne

The most comprehensive and all-inclusive health panel available. Real data to optimize your unique biochemistry.

An in-depth health assessment that includes 89 biomarkers critical to muscle performance, injury reduction, and overall health and wellness. Results include a personalized plan to optimize a person’s health and wellness routine. Lab visit required.*

What You’ll Discover


Your personal biomarkers are displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard with a description of what each biomarker means and what your risk factors are. Results are ready in fewer than 10 days.


Thorne’s multi-omic platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an in-depth and complete profile of your biochemistry.

Improvement Plan  

By mapping and integrating your personal results, we identify actions you should take to improve and maintain your health and wellness. You also can track your performance over time to see how lifestyle changes are contributing to your health and wellness.