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Bioregulating Peptides by Profound Health

Profound Health is where I shop for natural & synthetic bioregulating peptides. Save 10% on your first order using code: MCCAIN

  • Epitalon
  • Pinealon
  • Chonluten
  • Vilon
  • Thymogen
  • Pancragen
  • Bronchogen
  • Cartalax
  • Vesugen
  • Crystagen
  • Ovagen
  • Prostasmax
  • Livagen
  • Cortagen
  • Cardiogen
  • Testagen

“A new revolution in healthcare has begun to take place. It is the understanding that short-chain peptides, of the types found in different food groups are recognized by the body as highly specific gene switches. In other words, they interact with DNA to signal protein synthesis that leads to repair and care for many body tissues and glands. They are know as peptide bioregulators.”

Marios Kyriazis, M.D.