Ergonomic chair by SALLI

Most people will purchase an expensive bed because they know how much of their life they will spend in it.  Your office chair shouldn’t be any different.  Save your posture with this ergonomic chair by Salli.

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Salli SwingFit is a two-piece, motion-following Saddle Chair that helps solve the many health problems caused by traditional sitting postures. When sitting in a saddle chair, the back is in the same position as when standing, so no backrest is needed. There is a natural sag in the lower back and spinal support which allows the muscles of the upper body to relax.

This slightly swinging seat inspires you to exercise while sitting, activating your entire body. In a well-balanced position, your breathing is deeper, your brain receives more oxygen, and circulation is improved, leading to increased health benefits and productivity.

  • Ergonomically shaped, two-part active seat
  • Seat width adjustment
  • Leather, artificial leather, ESD artificial leather, or fabric, see color chart
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring, metallic or black
  • Ø 20 inch Salli Base with massage knobs, metallic or black. You can also choose a smaller base.
  • Maximum load 260 pounds
  • Weight 22 pounds
  • Warranty 10 years