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FlexBeam Targeted Red Light Therapy

The Revolutionary Recovery Device

Targeted red and near-infrared light proven to accelerate your body’s recovery and optimize health.

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FlexBeam Bends to Your Needs

Forget standing at a distance to get your dose of light, FlexBeam works directly where it’s needed while giving you absolute flexibility to go anywhere, and do anything.

Unlike any other red light recovery device in the market today, FlexBeam is designed for the human body.

Its unique design allows light to penetrate deep into difficult-to-reach areas of the body-such as the knee and shoulder joint- which is impossible with flat light panels

Made For You, And Everyone You Love

FlexBeam is safe, and ingeniously designed for an optimal physiological response in you, your loved ones, and even your pets.

Made for everyone at home, the red light harnessed by FlexBeam is non-invasive, non-toxic and scientifically backed by thousands of peer-reviewed studies, clinically proven to support your body’s natural

ability to heal itself.


Stimulate the cells to support regeneration.

Red light therapy optimizes your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response where it’s needed.


Support your body’s natural recovery process.

Red light therapy boosts ATP and cellular energy for increased strength and endurance.


Enhance blood flow and oxygenation.

Red light therapy can target the root cause of pain instead of suppressing the symptom.