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Intracellular NAD Test by Jinfiniti

Measure your NAD level to find out and act.

Achieving optimum NAD level is your starting point to extend healthspan and improve performance. Ideally, NAD level should be measured at baseline, and more importantly after NAD supplementation. This test gives you real-time, actionable data to help you find an effective and affordable product and the correct dosage to optimize your NAD level.

  • First and only NAD test for consumers
  • Rapid results after receiving your sample (<1 week)
  • Find out whether you are deficient in NAD
  • Find out what product works for you the best
  • Find out your optimal dosage for supplements
  • Actionable recommendations for NAD optimization
  • Secure data: 100% private and protected
  • Free Consultation

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What is NAD and why is it important to measure?

NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It plays an essential role in many cellular processes such as repairing damaged DNA to prevent cancer, getting rid of aging (senescent) cells, mitochondrial function, regulation of sleep and immune response, and reduction of inflammation and free radicals. NAD catalyzes reactions for more than 500 enzymes, including those involved in the production of cellular energy (ATP). Deficient NAD levels are linked to the loss of function and vitality as well as many age-related diseases.