Kaatsu Cycle C3

KAATSU® is the pioneer in the emerging Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) market that automatically and safely optimizes blood circulation for health, fitness, rehabilitation, and recovery.

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  • Exercise, recover and rehabilitate anywhere anytime
  • Offers KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Training modes
  • Ultra compact, ultralight, durable
  • Utilizes precise, computer-controlled limb pressure on both arms, or both legs
  • The pneumatic elastic bands can be “untethered” from the KAATSU unit and are waterproof, for use in the pool
  • Utilizes original KAATSU know-how
  • US patent #9,775,619
  • For more information, view the magazine PDF with directions on how to use the Cycle 2.0: KAATSU Cycle 2.0 Magazine


  • Includes 4 KAATSU Air Bands (for arms + legs)
  • Rechargeable battery with USB-C charger


  • Tone muscle without weights
  • Convenient: do anywhere, anytime
  • Offers access to KAATSU Database
  • Offers 6 preset KAATSU Cycle levels
  • Improves speed, stamina and strength
  • Incredible time saver
  • Improves circulation
  • Faster recovery
  • Enables greater range of motion
  • Reimbursable with various CPT codes
  • Offers customizable KAATSU Training pressures
  • Proven safe for users up to 104 years old