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Meditation Cushion Floor Pillow by Maya Lumbini

“The Most Relaxing Meditation Cushions in the World – Inspired by the Origins of Mindfulness”

Maya Lumbini looked to the past to create meditation pillows that offer the deepest, most comfortable meditation experience you’ll find today. Their cushions are inspired by those used by the first meditators, the Buddhists, hand-crafted following an ancestral tradition of meditation cushion craftsmanship.

Set a stronger intension for your meditation and mindfulness practice by creating a sacred space for it. *Bottom mat sold separately.

Your Best Meditation Ever


Our luxury Kapok Zafu meditation cushion offers you the optimal support to keep your your spine aligned, preventing and relieving back pain.


Unlike hard buckwheat-hulls, our lofty, firm yet deliciously soft Kapok cushion effectively cushions your delicate pressure points for supreme comfort.


Comfort is key to a deep, tension-free meditation. Our Zafu cushion is specifically designed to help you sit easilymeditate comfortably and relax easily!