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Micro Pulse ICES PEMF Devices

Micro-Pulse is the most trusted company in PEMF. Their portable devices make it easy to target specific body parts. The health benefits of PEMF Therapy are incredible.

  • Faster recovery from wounds
  • Less pain
  • Greater range of motion
  • Less muscle loss post-surgery
  • Faster nerve regeneration
  • Better circulation and blood flow
  • Lower inflammation
  • Accelerated workout and sports recovery

I personally have the M1 ultraportable model and will be purchasing the C5 model as well.  Use code MCCAIN for 10% discount with Micro-Pulse.

Micro-Pulse LLC is the OEM, technology originator and IP custodian for all ICES® DigiCeutical® technology as well as many of the ICES systems that are used in government and private research laboratories, in industrial facilities, and compact ICES systems sold to consumers under many different brand names.  The original NASA TVEMF – PEMF systems were developed by Dr. Robert Dennis for NASA under contract in 1997 – 1998.  Recently corrected NASA patents verify his status as original inventor.  Four additional recent patents (1 2 3 4) demonstrate the recent advances that have been made since the original work at NASA, leading to modern ICES® DigiCeutical® technology developed in 2013 – 2014.

Micro-Pulse also develops core technology for new products and laboratory instrumentation in health, medicine, exercise, education, tissue engineering, instrumentation, and basic scientific research.

Founded by Dr. Robert Dennis (LinkedIn profile) initially to provide infrastructure for biomedical technology research & development to bridge the gap from academic research to industry, Micro-Pulse LLC has evolved into an independent core technology origination company for a wide range of products, including specialized test apparatus for basic scientific research, robust products for military applications, and low-cost high-performance commercial products for medicine, research, and education.