Mobilitas Mobility Peanut

The Mobilitas Mobility Peanut massage ball is a super sleek, high-quality myofascial release tool. Made from high grade silicone rubber for extra durability, the Mobility Peanut is characterized by its firm density and ability to penetrate deeper into soft tissue and muscles. Perfect for those with neck & upper back pain or recovering from injury.

Most commonly used to help fix muscle tension headaches from neck and back tightness, relieving tightness in the middle back and shoulder blades to improve shoulder range of motion, opening up SI joint issues from overtraining, and help with relieving calf and feet muscles especially around the Achilles tendon.

  • Made of High-Grade Silicone Rubber for extra durability
  • Very firm density to penetrate deeper into the muscles and soft tissues. (Similar density to two lacrosse balls.)
  • More grip on its surface to tack to the skin and stay put during foam rolling
  • Lightweight and portable, weighs less than a pound and travels anywhere
  • Connected design to stay in place and keep its shape
  • Perfect for neck and upper back pain