Mobilitas Mobility Sphere

One of the most versatile tools available to reduce joint pain and muscle tension. The Mobility Sphere is a 5 inch myofascial release ball designed to be larger than a softball to reach muscles that lacrosse balls and foam rollers have a hard time reaching for self-massage.  Weighing less than a pound, and incredibly durable, targeted muscle relief is available anywhere you go as the Mobility Sphere travels easily and works for every area of the body.

  • LARGER THAN MOST MASSAGE BALLS – The 5 inch circumference creates a larger curved surface that allows for your mobility ball to go deeper into thick muscles like the hamstrings, psoas, upper shoulders and glutes and the is one of the main reasons it is your go to hip flexor release tool in freeing up your hips and lower back
  • 360 DEGREE FUNCTIONALITY – Your Mobility Sphere allows you to roll out muscles in 360 degrees of motion. A Foam roller is limited to one direction, either north/south or east/west over the muscles. Whereas a foam roller ball can be used in ALL planes of motion, effectively targeting more muscle groups in more places.
  • NEW GRIP PATTERN TO STAY PUT – Ever use other massage balls, like a lacrosse ball or tennis ball, to roll out your chest or shoulders on the wall only to have it slip and drop from it’s place? Not only does the larger size allow for easier targeting but our Mobility Sphere was designed with a new patterned grip pattern, made from dense EVA foam, to stay put where another massage ball would slip or loose its position.
  • FEATURED IN MEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE – See why Men’s Health included it as one of their favorite myofascial release tools. Their go to for a firm, dense and durable mobility ball that weighs less than a pound and travels easily with you anywhere.