Quicksilver Scientific

Experience advanced nanoparticle delivery technology with high absorption liposomal supplements. Specializing in high-efficiency detoxification protocols and comprehensive, target formulations, Quicksilver Scientific delivers on the promise of natural health.

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The power of Liposomal Delivery

At their highest expression, liposomes bring the power of unsurpassed absorption into a convenient oral delivery. However, all liposomes are not created equally. Most liposomes on the market use low grades of phospholipids, e.g. raw lecithin, instead of the high-phosphatidylcholine phospholipid mixes necessary for a quality liposome. Other supplement manufacturers typically use cheap shear methods resulting in large (200–600nm), poorly absorbed particles.

Quicksilver Delivery Systems improves upon basic liposomal delivery technology with smaller, more stable, tightly distributed single-layer spheres (20-70nm) made from the highest-quality ingredients available. These small vesicles begin absorbing as soon as they hit your mouth, so you can get high absorption of the product before it is altered by the harsh processes in the digestive system. Quicksilver Scientific uses high-tech equipment, rigorous processes, and tight particle size controls. Look for the clear difference of Quicksilver Delivery Systems.