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Blood Flow Restriction with SmartCuffs®

Blood Flow Restriction training is a true game-changer in the world of rehab, sports training, and general fitness.

To deal with a lack of consistency in BFR training, SmartCuffs use a palm sphygmomanometer, allowing you to know exactly how much pressure you’re applying to the Cuffs.

You can trust that SmartCuffs® are designed and engineered to the highest quality. They offer unparalleled safety when BFR training.

Each Set Includes:

  • 3rd Generation SmartCuffs® pump
  • 2 or 4 SmartCuffs®
  • Case
  • Mesh bag
  • Free consultation via the SmartCuffs® Academy app

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Personalized Pressure feature: This feature allows for a fast, hassle-free personalized pressure calculation. With the built-in pressure sensor and on-board computer, it will calculate and set the optimal pressure for your body.  There is no need for an external doppler probe or hand pump. This unit will do everything for you.

Li-Ion battery: Gone are the days of using NiCad batteries that self-discharge and burnout after a year. Both SmartCuffs® and SmartCuffs Pro® models feature the latest Li-Ion batteries to withstand rigorous use and provide fast recharging capabilities.

Compatibility: The SmartCuffs® and SmartCuffs® PRO pumps will work with our previous SmartCuffs® models from 2018- 2020.

All-new SmartCuffs: These cuffs feature our research-backed and ever-popular single chambered bladder design. We’ve upgraded the materials so they are easier to clean and bolstered the valve connection for improved durability.